Inspiration Packages

  • Bold Classic

    Bold Classic

    Crystal stemware and warm seating create an eye-catching twist on a classic presentation.

  • Refined Rustic

    Refined Rustic

    Crisp and clean place settings paired with rustic wood lends a polished note to an earthy set up.

  • Traditional Elegance

    Traditional Elegance

    Luxurious elements on and around the table convey a more formal air for a stylish affair.

  • Modern Chic

    Modern Chic

    Modern seating and linens paired with traditional place settings form an updated vibe at your reception.

  • Vintage Romance

    Vintage Romance

    Mismatched vintage plates and antique silver are undeniably romantic, dressed up or down.

We have partnered with some talented vendors in central Oregon to create five themed packages, providing couples the opportunity to design a distinctive wedding reception. Tailor your event with specialty linens, crystal glassware, and vintage silver, or add some additional character with rustic tables and seating.

Our event coordinator will work with you to customize the package of your choosing and provide a custom quote for your event reflecting discounted vendor pricing and a $250 design credit from Broken Top Club. Contact Special Event Sales for details and pricing. Prices shown are estimates only and subject to change.

Whether simple, rustic, elegant, modern or vintage speaks to you for your celebration, you’ll find your inspiration here.

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