Broken Top Club Fitness Instructor, DonnaDonna Chisholm, PT, RYT is a licensed physical therapist and registered yoga teacher with more than 25 years of clinical experience in physical therapy. I have been practicing yoga for the past 25 years and have an RYT-200 hour training certification. I have a private practice in which I integrate my clinical knowledge of physical therapy with yoga principles. The focus of my PYT practice is to assist clients to tap into their unique capacity for healing and optimal health.

Personalized sessions integrating yoga and physical therapy comprise the heart of my PYT practice. These sessions are a partnership that begins with me prescribing an individualized program for you after performing a thorough evaluation. You and I work collaboratively to perfect a practice for you during the sessions and finally you continue your practice on your own time to maximize lasting benefit. Private sessions are highly effective for someone brand new to yoga, someone wanting to deepen their yoga practice, or for clients coming to me for rehabilitation of an injury.

Donna’s teaching schedule to members of Broken Top are Tuesday 5-6 PM. My class focus is on therapeutic Yoga with my PT “lens” on to maximize injury prevention, alignment principles and core stability to build a strong foundation. I emphasize joint and spine protection by providing stabilization and breath work, prior to introducing mobility in sequential poses

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