Maureen BenetMaureen spent over 25 years in the Healing Arts as a Bend, Oregon LMT, including Reiki, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Hakomi Bodywork, Polarity Therapy and Theta Healing. She moved to Bend in 1976 from Orange County, Calif. and immediately bought her first home (and skis!).

After experiencing balance issues following two spinal fusion surgeries and a crainiotomy, Maureen joined two other Broken Top ladies (Ann Bullwinkel and Sandy Bigler) for a “Tai Chi for Health” class in the summer of 2007. She never quit.

Needless to say, her health issues have been transformed and she enjoys helping people of all ages discover the benefits of Tai Chi as taught by Dr. Paul Lam’s StepWise Method. These forms are specially designed from the traditional “Sun” style of tai chi, which is the easiest for most people to learn. Forms from other styles of Tai Chi are added as the participant progresses slowly and easily. Many independent medical studies of “Tai Chi for Health” forms are available for perusal.

Tai Chi is the most popular physical exercise program in the world. Over 40 million people perform Tai Chi (Yang Style) every Day!

Maureen loves to cook, loves animals, loves to garden and is a budding philanthropist. She is a serious home-maker. She is active in the Broken Top Book Club and has been a resident of Broken Top Club since 2001.

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